As have we all, Hanborough Meadows Pre-School has felt the enormous impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. On 20th March 2020 we were saddened to close our doors and wave 'see you soon' to the children in our care. This was following the UK Government's decision that all schools and Early Years childcare settings should close in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and it's impact on our wonderful National Health Service. 

Following the Government and Department of Education’s most recent guidance, we are making preparations to welcome children back to Hanborough Meadows Pre-School (by 1st June 2020 at the earliest). Of paramount importance is the need to implement measures to ensure the safety of the children as well as the Staff. This is will include a phased return to ‘normal’; reducing the number of children in each session, comprehensive hygiene and cleaning measures and staggered start and finish times of sessions. We have designed and implemented a 'bubble' system; each child and their 'bubble leader' (Early Years Practitioner) will only have contact with the other children in their 'bubble'. Each bubble is limited to 8 children as a maximum (although we aim to keep each bubble to 6 children). 

Here are some useful links:

The UK Government's Coronavirus: Education and Childcare page

The UK Government's 'What parents and carers need to know about schools and other education settings during the coronavirus outbreak' publication

The UK Government's 'Opening schools and educational settings to more pupils from 1 June: guidance for parents and carers' publication

The UK Government's Department for Education's 'Coronavirus: Implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings' publication

Our Risk Assessment and COVID-19 policy are available upon request. Please click the link below.


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