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How is Pre-school managed?

Our Committee
Hanborough Meadows Pre-School is a charity run by a Committee of volunteers that, as Long Hanborough Playgroup was established in 1984.  The Committee is made up of parents and local residents wishing to contribute to the Community.  The Committee members bring a variety of skills and perspectives. There are always more tasks for the Committee than there are people to deliver, so if you think you can help please contact the Chair at
The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the statutory responsibilities of an early years setting are met.  We hold regular committee meetings and welcome new members.  All committee members are subject to DBS (Police) and Ofsted checks. Our annual general meeting, at which the Committee for the following year is selected, is usually held in October.
The Committee, with the support of the Manager and Staff, are responsible for the Pre-School policies, finances and the recruitment and appraisal of staff.  We support the Staff in their professional development to ensure that they are up to date with relevant policies and training to afford them the opportunity to provide the highest standard of care and education for the children attending the Pre-School. As a charity the Committee relies upon fundraising to supplement the grants we receive.  Parents are encouraged to support our fundraising events and become part of the Pre-School family, working towards our common goal of ensuring the children thrive.
Meet our Committee

Megan Sayers


Megan has been Chair of Hanborough Meadows Pre-School (and as Long Hanborough Playgroup) since December 2016, is a qualified social worker and children's guardian, and runs a safeguarding consultancy business which includes work with Oxfordshire Early Years Team providing support and training to other Pre-School committees.

The Chair can be contacted at

Chloe Ricketts


Chloe is an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, mother of two (one currently at Meadows and one soon to start), and wanted to offer her experience as an accountant and bookkeeper to the preschool. Chloe is also part of Meadow's 'Money Makers', the

pre-school's fundraising group where she helps to organise the events.

The Treasurer can be contacted at


Medlan Porter


Medlan, mum of four joined the Committee when her son started at Pre-School in 2019. She loved the ethos and approach of the setting and wanted to get involved! Medlan has experience in many areas of education having worked for SENSS (Special Educational Needs Support Service) for a number of years. Medlan's daughter attended Meadows and the youngest will be staring soon. Medlan stepped into the role of Treasurer in August 2021 which she did for two years. November 2023 saw a change in committee members and Medlan became Secretary.


The Secretary can be contacted at

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